Dog from Churchill Insurance adverts mauls toddler from Velvet Toilet Rolls adverts

Bad dog.

Television viewers were left traumatised yesterday after the aggressive, ill-tempered dog from the Churchill adverts mauled the bossy toddler from the Velvet Toilet Rolls adverts during a commercial break in ITV’s This Morning programme.

After an uneventful Lenor advertisement, viewers were shocked to witness the nodding, rabid bulldog launch a grisly attack on the suit-wearing toddler.

‘We think the dog might have been agitated by that squeaking Russian meerkat, or those nauseating dollybirds in the Sheila’s Wheels cadillac,’ sobbed This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby, who witnessed the incident. ‘Suddenly it just went for the boy, growling “oh yes” and foaming at the mouth.’

Fortunately there was plenty of toilet roll around to staunch the bleeding and the child is expected to make a full recovery. The bulldog was deemed too irritating to save and has been put down.