French doubts grow over military pact as sniggering UK minister announces ‘Operation Crabtree’

France has admitted to ‘growing doubts’ over the recent military cooperation pact with Britain, after a sniggering Defence Secretary Liam Fox announced that the nations’ first joint military exercise will be codenamed ‘Operation Crabtree’.

‘We’re not completely confident that the UK government is on board with our agreement,’ said French foreign minister Michele Alliot-Marie. ‘They have asked us to ‘piss on our strategic plons’ and ‘partossipate in comboned manoeuvres’. We knew that the British had a poor grasp of languages, but why do their generals titter and snort whenever we meet up for a strategy briefing?’

Liam Fox stressed that Britain took the pact seriously. ‘There’s nothing funny about a military alliance with the French,’ he insisted. ‘This pact will strengthen our security for the future, etcetera etcetera. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a series of important mootings to keep me buzzy all moaning.’