TV chefs in crisis as Raymond Blanc confesses: ‘mostly we just make sauce’

The television chef industry is ‘in crisis’ after one of its leading figures admitted that ‘most dishes are just fancy sauces’ today.

Eminent French pan-wrangler Raymond Blanc, 64, made the startling confession at his flagship restaurant in Oxfordshire when a diner insisted on asking him what was meant by the term ‘jus’ on the menu. ‘But of course, this is just a fancy schmancy way of describing a sauce,’ M Blanc is alleged to have retorted. ‘It is all sauce, from jus to pistou to remoulade. It’s all bloody sauce. Sauce, sauce, sauce.’

Blanc’s revelation has undermined public confidence in the nation’s celebrity chefs just as they were beginning to benefit from popular discontent with politicians. Voter and TV viewer Doreen Milne, 47, from Derbyshire spoke of her ‘anger’ over the issue. ‘I knew MPs was all in it for themselves, but I always liked to sit down and watch Ainsley Harriot boiling up some sort of mousseline or demi-glace or what have you and I really believed in him. Mind you my husband always preferred that Nigella Lawson, but I don’t think she can tell a sorbet from a mirepoix, so maybe they’re all as bad as each other.’

Miniaturised oven-botherer Anthony Worrall Thompson, 59, savagely criticised Blanc for his comments. ‘That French bastard,’ he told reporters. ‘He’s never deserved those Michelin stars. If he ever comes round one of my restaurants I’ll beat him to a bloody reduction, so help me God.’