William and Kate to be known as ‘Widdleton’, confirms Palace

Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton will forego the traditional regal titles associated with Royal couples and will instead be known after marriage by their celebrity couple nickname, ‘Widdleton’.

The move is being seen as a further effort to broaden the Royal family’s appeal to a younger generation. ‘When the Queen and Prince Philip sat down to work out what title was best to give William and Kate when they got married, they initially decided on Duke and Duchess of Sussex,’ said a Palace insider. ‘But Princess Anne had left her copy of Heat magazine lying around and it was full of stories about Brangelina and TomKat, so that inspired them.’ An equerry telephoned Miss Middleton immediately to convey the news, at which she was said to have ‘expressed her profound gratitude to the Queen in no uncertain terms’.

‘A new headline-friendly title like ‘Widdleton’ is much cheaper for the Firm as it doesn’t come with acres of land, a big palace or a coat of arms,’ the spokesman said. ‘If it goes down well with the tabloids, the Queen is considering extending the honour to Zara Phillips and her fiance Mike Tindall – or as they’ll probably be known, Zike.’