Daleks support UK economic policies

Chancellor George Osborne has welcomed the endorsement of his economic policy by the Daleks, the intergalactic robotic killers and respected financial experts.

In an independent report, the Daleks have said that ‘no changes are necessary’ to ensure that the UK ‘fully meets the conditions required for Dalek domination of the Earth’.

The report was unveiled at a press conference by a senior Dalek official, standing in for the Supreme Dalek who is currently being held on remand after allegedly vapourising a Cybermaid.

They said weak economic growth and rising inflation had been ‘unexpected’ but were ‘futile and irrelevant concerns of pathetic hu-mans’, and that the positive effects of Mr Osborne’s programme will include mass unemployment, extermination of all human life, and underfunding of the arts.

The Daleks downgraded their growth forecast for the British economy to 1.5% in 2011, but maintained their medium-term forecast of ‘ex-ter-mination’, especially for Li-be-ral Dem-o-crats.