US preacher insists “I was right – the End of the News of the World has come”

US evangelist Harold Camping has confirmed that his earlier prophecy of the end of the world, which was due to fall on 21 May this year, was in fact intended to refer to the end of the News of the World.

‘By the Lord’s grace, I am proved right,’ Revd Camping said at a rally for supporters in Oakland, California. ‘If you bastards had actually paid attention you’ll see I always said ‘The End of the News of the World is nigh’. I can’t help it if you were all whooping and hollerin’ ‘Praise Jesus’ during the middle bit and thought I was talkin’ ’bout the end of the world. Why, that’s just crazy talk.’

Several of Revd Camping’s congregation said they were ‘uplifted and inspired’ by the fulfilment of the prophecy. ‘I always knew this day would come,’ said 42-year-old Randall Philbert from Nebraska. ‘Mainly because I’ve been monitoring Revd Camping’s phone messages for the past ten years.’

Revd Camping had revised the date of his prophecy from May to October after the earlier date passed without incident. ‘Jesus came to me in a vision to say ‘you got the date wrong, moron, the end is coming now’,’ he said. ‘Least I think it was Jesus – it was a nice young man who said his father was the most powerful being the world had ever known. So actually maybe it was James Murdoch.’