Amazon to capture Christmas sales with new “Kindle Vintage”

Book retail giant Amazon has unveiled the Kindle Vintage, a paper version of the hugely successful Kindle e-reader, which is expected to sell millions of units this Christmas.

The new gadget comes in a startlingly large range of sizes and designs. Substantially cheaper than the electronic Kindle, the Vintage contains anything from 100 to 800 individual fixed-display screens with a substance called ‘classic ink’, a non-moving variant of the Kindle’s ‘e-Ink’ technology.

‘Each of these screens is paper-thin, and they are all bound together in the order in which readers will want to read the text,’ said Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos at the product launch. ‘The memory is relatively small, at 1 book per unit, but you can buy up to ten million of them so there’s no limit to how many books you can have in your collection.’

Technology experts reacted positively to the new product. ‘The interface is very smooth and clean and the decision to abandon buttons altogether is a very bold move,’ said one reviewer. ‘You can hardly even see the pixels. I expect it could be very popular, with the right marketing strategy. This is a totally new direction for the publishing industry, as far as I know.’

The move is said to have worried Amazon’s rival Apple, which has brought forward the release date for its latest lower-priced version of the iPad, which has been provisionally named ‘Blank lined notepad A4’.