Council removes Lib Dem politician from Tory foster couple

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, was today taken into care by Westminster City Council on the grounds that his foster parents, a Mr and Mrs Cameron, belong to a political party with ‘a warped view of the world’.

‘We take our safeguarding responsibilities for Liberal Democrats very seriously,’ said Shaun McNally, Director of Social Services at Westminster City Council. ‘It was clear to our social workers that whatever credibility Mr Clegg had left was being put at serious risk by his living with this couple. We have a duty to act in the best interests of this vulnerable politician, and in our view he needs to be with his own people, if we can find any.’

Social services first became concerned about Mr Clegg when he was placed with the Camerons in 2010. ‘You wouldn’t normally put a Liberal Democrat in such a household, and it became clear that he was being slowly indoctrinated with Tory ideology when he started behaving erratically – he’d say one thing and then do another. In fact his constituents in Sheffield were so concerned about his welfare that many told us they wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to send him back to Westminster when his current placement expired in 2015.’

Mr McNally claims that Mr Clegg’s story is an all too familiar one. ‘Many Liberal Democrats come from politically disadvantaged backgrounds, leaving them ill-prepared to deal with real world problems. It’s stability they need, and although in Mr Clegg’s case a number of families have tried to love him as if he were their own, none have so far succeeded. It’s not uncommon for MPs to end up on the streets and second homeless.’

While debate continues to rage over the decision to take Mr Clegg out of the Cameron’s care, everyone agrees that it is in the best interests of Britain for Nigel Farage MEP to continue to be cared for in Brussels.