Hillary Clinton still favourite to present QI

US presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton remains the overwhelming favourite to win the race to succeed Stephen Fry as presenter of QI, after a sometimes stormy election debate in Chicago last night.

Mrs Clinton appeared on stage alongside her rivals, socialist Bernie Sanders, former Idaho governor Lincoln Chafee, Jack Dee, David Mitchell and Nicholas Parsons. None of the candidates was seen as defeating Mrs Clinton although Mr Sanders delivered some memorable lines and Nicholas Parsons surprised viewers with his principled opposition to air strikes in Syria.

The race is entering its final months and the candidates have begun to distance themselves from the outgoing incumbent, Stephen Fry, whose term comes to an end when he finally reaches series M in 2016. After some initial successes – particularly in the areas of foreign policy, healthcare and interesting facts about how languages develop and the occurence of colourblindness among giraffes – his time in office has begun to run out of steam with increasingly trenchant opposition from hard-line Republicans, the pro-gun lobby, and idiot stalwart Alan Davies.’I just sit here and say really dumb things based on my half-remembered schooling and everybody finds it absolutely hilarious,’ said Donald Trump.

Mrs Clinton has been campaigning hard for almost sixteen months since the official launch of her campaign, although her ambition to sit in the big chair and have all the answers dates back far longer. ‘This is a role I’ve been preparing for my whole life,’ she told an audience of almost 12 million US viewers. ‘As First Lady I spent hours memorising the foibles of sixteenth-century Cambodian monarchs and the anatomical curiosities of various species of pangolin. And I don’t think anybody can deny that I’ve done some incredibly interesting things when I was Secretary of State, as my emails show plainly for all to see. Well, some of them.’