BBC axes War & Peace in favour of Corbyn reshuffle drama

The BBC has announced it is axing its critically-acclaimed adaptation of Tolstoy’s literary classic War and Peace after just one episode, replacing it with a tense political drama based on Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle.

The as-yet-untitled and largely unplotted drama is expected to be lavish in scale and Byzantine in its twists and turns with as many as three cast members and potentially no dramatic events whatsoever.

The central character of Count Mikhail Dugher, the hapless Russian aide-de-camp whose visions of frontbench glory are destroyed after he faces the reality of fighting in a bloody civil war, will be played by an unknown actor expected to remain unknown after the drama is screened, with Eddie Redmayne as Diane Abbott, Graham Norton as Hilary Benn and Jeremy Corbyn himself played by a cardboard cut-out of incumbent Doctor Who Peter Capaldi.

‘Nobody’s really interested in the tedious ins and outs of an old-fashioned bunch of out-of-touch dynasts manoeuvring themselves into and out of influence during one of Europe’s most vicious conflicts,’ said a BBC spokeswoman. ‘But we’re showing it anyway as hardly anything happens and the costumes are much cheaper than on War & Peace.’