Hope fading fast for Mexican wall-building industry

Despair has gripped the people of Mexico after opinion poll results in the United States suggested that hundreds of thousands of the nation’s builders won’t soon be offered a series of lucrative government wall-building contracts after all.

“Yet again, small businesses have been hung out to dry by the Establishment,” complained Enrique Arramos, 42, from Puebla. “Señor Trump was promising the biggest government-funded infrastructure programme of recent years but now this crook Hillary Clinton has come along and put the kibosh on it. I have 12 labourers relying on me for their wages. How am I going to pay them now?

“It used to be 15 but luckily three of them bunked off to America.”

Arramos isn’t the only builder furious at government after the disappointing news. “How could they let this happen?” demanded bricklayer Pablo Majeras, 32. “I wanted to become a bricklayer because the choice of career in Mexico is pretty limited to that, rapist, economic migrant, or, you know, any of the thousands of other choices available to me in our growing economy such as nanotechnology, car manufacturing, tourism, or even betting against sterling on the currency markets. That’s quite a lucrative one at the moment actually, I’ve made £350m escudos since Tuesday.

“But no, now this wall project has gone tits up it looks like I’ll be reduced to scratching a living down in the slums with no job, no money and no hope for the future. It’ll be like Brexit Britain. How humiliating.”